15 Exterior Painting Preparation Tips

Exterior Painting Preparation Saves Money


Here are some tips to help your exterior painting job go along without a hitch and keep your windows, doors and exterior walls in good condition over the years. A couple of hours of preparation will save you both time and money with your commercial painting job. This also helps you compare the contractor’s recommendations with what you have found needs to be addressed when painting your home or business.


Once you’ve decided on a painting crew or contractor, make sure you also carry out the following tasks. Carrying out these tasks is essential to ensure that your exterior painting project runs smoothly:

  • Decide what needs to be done. Some of the work that may need to be done may not be obvious, but if you already know your home needs painting, other tasks besides cleaning of surfaces will likely need to be carried out so that the painting goes smoothly.
  • Check the caulking around doors and windows. If new paint is necessary, new caulking is likely needed, also. If there are cracks visible between trim and molding and wall surfaces, particularly around doors and windows, such areas need to be re-caulked to prevent certain occurrence of even more serious damage.
  • Well before the work is to start, make your selection of colors and of the kind of paint to be used.
  • Establish a secure area where painters and other workers can store their tools overnight. Setting up such areas will shorten setting up and breaking down time for painters and lower bid costs. Make sure that larger tools, such as ladders and paint sprayers, can all fit in such areas.
  • If you have other workmen in addition to painters who will be working on your project – and you do not have a general contractor – set up a schedule including the order of work to be performed. Monitor both the quality of the work and its timeliness and plan on spending time yourself to coordinate the work.
  • Check the water outlets around your home to make sure they are clean and operating properly. Painters need to use them to clean the exterior of your home before painting and to clean their own tools.
  • Check the electrical outlets around the exterior of your house and make sure they are operating. Painters need them for the power tools they use for a variety of tasks in locations around your home while the project is underway.
  • Trim plants and clear away any objects covering surfaces that the painters will be painting. Painters often remove articles that are in their way, but at best such work is tolerated as a necessary inconvenience. Preparation of major areas to be painted may be included in a painting contractor’s bid price and painters themselves are usually very good at such cleaning and preparation. But if not specifically agreed to before work starts, the cost of such work can become the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Be sure to close windows — and doors — as necessary before painters are cleaning and washing your home’s exterior.
  • Also be sure that doors and windows are not locked on the days they are to be painted. Windows and doors need to be opened and shut when they are painted.


Best Concord Painting ContractorOnce your home has been newly painted, periodic maintenance of it is necessary so that it will stay in good condition as long as possible and keep costly repairs to a minimum:

  • Trim shrubs and other plants that grow close to your home and come in contact with your home’s exterior.
  • Check caulking periodically, but especially after extended dry spells. Caulk will do it’s job for up to 5 years when the climate is favorable, but it can “shrink” and dry out when weather is hot and dry.
  • Especially in moist climates, be on the lookout for mold, and also for salt damage if near the ocean. A good (stiff) brush and diluted bleach can quickly rid damage or contamination from mold and prevent harm to both your home and its inhabitants.

An exterior painting job done by professional painters is an investment in your home whether you will be living there for years or putting your house on the market a fresh paint job improves your homes value. Call us today at Whit’s Painting, Inc. 925-429-2669 and we gladly schedule a free estimate for your home or business painting job. You may also fill out our contact form and one of our painting professionals will call you promptly to answer your questions.

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