Clues When It’s Time To Paint   Are you wondering when you should repaint your home, if at all? What does repainting do for your home, anyway? Dry rot is your home’s biggest enemy, and a strong coat of paint protects your home’s wooden construction from it. Without paint, moisture gets into the wooden boards

Tips for Dog Proofing Painted Surfaces & More Most everyone that has a dog loves their dog, but whether a puppy or an aging dog it’s amazing what a few idle minutes can do to a new interior or exterior paint job. We offer some hints today to protect your home investment while also keeping

Getting the Job Done Right “Time is money”- Ben Franklin.   Use your time wisely, save money and hire a professional to do your painting. Using a professional will help to take the stress out of painting your own business or home. Finding the right painter can seem like a huge task all on its own.

Great Exterior Paint Choice Tips   The color of your exterior paint should reflect an awareness of the colors around your home and blend with them, or at least not clash with them. The terrain your home is in will contain a variety of colors and not only those of buildings themselves. After a while