Graffiti Removal

Quick & Safe Graffiti Removal

Whit’s Painting, Inc. specializes in graffiti removal service in Contra Costa County and throughout the Bay Area. Our certified technicians are highly experienced in removing graffiti on different surfaces. It is important to remove the graffiti within the first 24 hours, the sooner the better; the faster the graffiti is removed from the surface, the less chance the building or property will be targeted again.


Preserve Your Building

In most cases, the removal methods for the graffiti depends on the surface and the type of substance used; our trucks have all types of agents to remove your graffiti challenge. Our technicians will apply a specific graffiti removal agent directly onto the graffiti to remove the graffiti quickly, efficiently, and in a eco-friendly manner.


East Bay Graffiti Removal

As a commercial painting contractor, Whit’s Painting, Inc. has over 30 years of experience with different types of building and deck surfaces. A commercial painter is one of the best sources to call for professional graffiti removal when you want to preserve the quality of your building surface. With our years of East Bay graffiti removal experience we can help ensure that your building will retain surface integrity and beauty.

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