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At Whit’s Painting, Inc. we use only premium paints on all our projects that is why we choose Sherwin-Williams and Kelly-Moore. Both Kelly-Moore and Sherwin-Williams paints are of the highest quality and have stood the test of time and out performed the competition.


A Great Paint Job Starts with a Good Foundation


Why use a primer and a especially a premium quality primer? Your paint job can only be as good as the foundation that is laid. A great primer makes good sense when it comes to a quality job, lowers overall job costs, and provides the foundation for your paint job to last many more years.

Primer is specially formulated to make sure the top coat of paint adheres to the surface below, creating the best-looking, longest-lasting finish. Primers are engineered for filling and binding with underlying surfaces.

Priming Wood


The nature of bare wood makes the use of primer a necessity because bare wood is so porous. If paint is applied directly to bare wood, the wood can absorb the paint’s solvents, drying it prematurely. Rapid drying can cause many problems because the chemical reactions that occurs during the curing process cannot be rushed. Without priming wood surfaces the quick absorption can disrupt the process, creating a painted surface that’s prone to cracking and chipping.

All varieties of bare wood have some sort of color. Without a primer, several layers of paint may be necessary to mask the wood grain and ensure even, uniform color. Proper use of a primer also protects wood from warping, mildew and other water damage.

Priming Metal

While not all metals require priming, it’s highly recommended if the metal will be exposed to moisture. Oxidation or rust begins when water contacts bare metal. To combat oxidation, metal primers often contain anti-corrosion agents, such as zinc.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to paint a metal surface that’s in less-than-perfect condition. If the surface is rusty, the best course of action is to thoroughly clean the metal and remove the rust, but that’s not always possible. Instead, we use special primers that chemically convert rust to solid metal salts as a good option. The surface may not be as good as shiny, clean metal, but it’s a lot better to paint than a rusty surface that will eventually just rust through.


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Your Assurance of Paint Project that Last Years


When schedules and budgets are tight, it can be tempting to skip a step such as having your painters apply primer. But the impact on quality and the long-term consequences make using a primer an important first step to getting a great-looking finish coat and beautiful, long-lasting results that you can feel confident about for years to come.

Painting is an investment for our clients both in time and money. You may hear us say that it pays to spend a little extra to get a high-quality, long-lasting finish. But what benefits do high-quality paints provide?

A high-quality coating starts with ingredients that allow paint to apply more easily, look better and last longer. There are four key ingredients affecting the quality of paint:

  • Pigment 

    Two types of pigment go into a can of paint. First are prime pigments, they provide color and hide. Second are low-cost extender pigments, they add bulk to the product, but add little value in terms of color. Higher-quality paints have more of the all-important prime pigments, which provide easier application, greater durability, and better color retention.

  • Binders

    There are a variety of binders used in today’s paints. Latex paints contain acrylic binders. Oil paints typically contain linseed oil, soya oil or modified oils called alkyds. The type, quality, and amount of binders affect everything from stain resistance, gloss, paint adhesion, and crack resistance. Higher-quality binders adhere to surfaces better and provide longer-lasting performance. This makes them more resistant to cracking, blistering and peeling.

  • Liquids

    Liquid is the vehicle that allows us to get the paint from the can to the surface. Top-quality paints have a greater ratio of solids to pigments and binders to liquids.

  • Additives

    • Additives give paint benefits it wouldn’t have on it’s own, such as modifiers that allow for better coating and flow of paint.
    • Mildew preventives to keep mildew in check.
    • Dispersing agents to keep pigments evenly flowing.
    • Preservatives to prevent spoilage.


The True Cost of Paint Choices


Before you choose a paint based on price, consider that lower-quality paints require more coats to cover and because of lack of durability they need maintenance much sooner. This is especially true with exterior coatings.

By choosing the higher-priced, higher-quality paint, you actually save money in your painting expenses. And that’s just the material cost, add labor into the mix and the money you save increases many fold.

When it comes to selecting paint, quality does matter?  you bet it does. Whether you’re looking at interior or exterior paint,  a better-quality paint will give you better service for both the short and long term.


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As color experts at Whit’s Painting, Inc. you receive the benefits of having a trained color expert on your job, from choosing the best quality paint, to paint colors, color combinations, trim ideas, and more. Call us to schedule a free consultation or receive a job quote, you will be very satisfied with the results that 30 years of craftsmanship bring to your project.

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