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When you have a commercial or residential painting job in Alameda County that you need a professional and timely delivery on, be sure to call Whit’s Painting, Inc. With over 30 years commercial painting experience it allows our team to provide a comprehensive range of services to for your Alameda County painting job. We offer cosmetic painting for interiors, exteriors, walls, and floors to give your building and business spaces a clean, fresh face.

In addition, we provide painting solutions that go beyond appearances. Many areas of your commercial facility, such as the roof, exterior walls, steel structural components, floors, and outdoor decks, can be damaged through harsh operational and environmental conditions. We preserve your investment and prevent corrosion and deterioration.




First Choice for Residential or HOA Painting Jobs

Bay Area Painting ContractorsWe are also your first choice for residential painting contractor in Alameda County. House painting also known as residential painting is a great way to add value to your Alameda County home. In fact, painting is the most cost effective way to increase the real estate value of your Alameda County home. When starting your Alameda County house painting project it’s important that the job be done by a professional that knows what they’re doing.

You need to be sure that the house painting contractor, such as Whit’s Painting Inc., uses the best preparation methods and practices while using the right paint. We use only high quality paint. Cutting corners and using cheap paint for your Alameda County house painting project isn’t smart and will just end up costing you more in the end, when the poor quality paint needs to be replaced with good paint that will actually last. Whether you’re getting the interior or exterior of your Alameda County home painted, Whit’s Painting Inc offers the best quality Bay Area house painting for the best price.


Alameda County Painting Jobs

Featured below are a sampling of our Alameda County painting jobs. Whit’s Painting is your first choice in Alameda County for a commercial and residential painting contractor.


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