Tips for Avoiding Dog Damage to Your Home

Tips for Dog Proofing Painted Surfaces & More

Most everyone that has a dog loves their dog, but whether a puppy or an aging dog it’s amazing what a few idle minutes can do to a new interior or exterior paint job. We offer some hints today to protect your home investment while also keeping your dog safe inside and outside your home.


Exterior Home Dog Proofing Tips

The main areas that take the hardest hits from puppies or even adult dogs are exterior doors and facia boards, so below we offer some tips that could save you costly repairs and vet visits for your pet:

  • Buy appropriately sized grill work for your patio sliding doors, it will ensure that your dog doesn’t bust through the screen and keep your patio door in better shape.
  • Invest in some bitter apple or other dog chewing deterrent product to make facia boards and the front door less attractive to nibble and chew on.
  • Have your painting contractor use a rubberized paint for any exterior doors your pet can have access to preventing scratch damage.
  • Consider putting a heavy plexiglass barrier on the lower half of your exterior doors while your new puppy is learning the ground rules of being a well mannered dog.


Interior Home Dog Proofing Tips

The main areas of your home, when it comes to painted services, that takes the brunt of wear with puppies or adult dogs is egress areas of your home, all doors both interior and exterior can show wear with dogs.  Here are some hints that can save you time and money and vet trips in the long run:

  • Install doggy doors in areas where there aren’t a lot of wild animals, more urban and suburban areas, are a wonderful way of giving your dog a way of exiting and entering your home when they want or need to. Doggy doors come in all sizes and can fit in walls, solid core doors, and there are also kits for patio doors.
  • Consider asking your painting contractor to use a washable paint on all surfaces that the dog could brush up against, usually from floor to 4 feet above floor level so you can wash the surface more often without harming the paint job.
  • Consider plexiglass corners on the most traveled hallways and egress points in your home especially if you have more than one dog, it will really cut down on drywall damage and needing to repaint.

An interior or exterior painting job done by professional painters is an investment in your home. We hope your enjoyed our dog proofing hints, it comes from years of experience being a dog owner and helping our customers repair dog damaged interior and exterior painted surface. A little preparation can make owning a dog easier on your home and dog.  Call us today at Whit’s Painting, Inc. 925-429-2669 and we gladly schedule a free estimate for your home or business painting job. You may also fill out our contact form and one of our painting professionals will call you promptly to answer your questions.


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