When Is It Time to Paint?

Clues When It’s Time To Paint

Are you wondering when you should repaint your home, if at all? What does repainting do for your home, anyway? Dry rot is your home’s biggest enemy, and a strong coat of paint protects your home’s wooden construction from it. Without paint, moisture gets into the wooden boards and weakens them by expanding and contracting the wood. When the wooden boards are moist and weak, dry rot can settle in and the boards will begin to deteriorate in earnest. Repainting your home is expensive, but it is much cheaper than reconstructing your home due to structural damage! Knowing when it’s time to repaint is important in maintaining your home’s longevity, so read on for some tips on how to do just that:


Look For Shrinking Wood:

Contra Costa County Painting CompanyIf any of the wooden boards on your house or office, especially the trim, looks like it is shrinking or wasting away, that means that dry rot has already begun. Dry rot is actually a fungus that eats at the wood in your house, which is why an affected board will look like it has been shrinking. This shrinking is a visible sign of structural damage, which is the main concern when dealing with dry rot. If your house is already experiencing structural damage, you might need to replace the boards with brand new wood before repainting. Replacing boards is a lot more expensive than repainting, which is why it is important to keep out for these signs of dry rot!


Problems of Cracking & Peeling:

Probably the most obvious clue that you need to repaint is cracking and peeling in your home’s or office’s current finish. Not only is it an eyesore, but if the paint is coming off of the wood, that will allow moisture to get in and out of the wood, which is dangerous. Unfortunately, if the paint has begun peeling, it means it has been deteriorating already for a while. While you should definitely repaint your home or office if you notice cracking and peeling, chances are that you’ve waited too long and you should have your home or office inspected for dry rot and other structural damage. If some boards do have dry rot, then you can have a contractor replace them right before doing your repaint. This way, when your repaint is finished, you can be sure that your home and repaint will last as long as possible.


Ugly or Fading Paint:

Do you hate the color of your house? Then repaint, of course! It is expensive, but you will be doing wonders for the life of your home and for your home’s curb appeal, so it is definitely worth it. Repainting even before the current paint shows signs of wear is the best way to keep your house looking brand new, and the wood siding and trim in its best possible condition. If the paint didn’t start out an ugly color but is now fading into one, that is a sign of degradation and you should repaint.


What About Painted Stucco?

Many people have been told that they would never have to repaint stucco. However, especially if your stucco is getting old, it is best to apply the same strategy as with wood siding. If moisture can get into the siding, you should repaint! Cracks can develop in stucco just like in wood. Cracks will allow moisture to get in underneath the stucco and into the wooden studs in your walls, also causing dry rot. If you notice cracks in your stucco, repaint as soon as you can!


How Old Is Your Home?

When homes are first built today, they are usually only painted with a single coat of paint. This is because today’s wood that builders get for siding have a primer coat already applied to them in order to save the builder some time. It can seem like because your home is new, it can’t possibly need to be repainted within 5 years. But, because there is only one coat, it’s important to start thinking about repainting your home as soon as possible. Repainting your home within the first five years of its life will do it wonders in terms of looking young forever.


Maybe Only Trim Needs Repainting

Contra Costa County Painting ContractorsIf you are noticing signs of damage on your home’s or office’s trim only, it is possible to have only the trim repainted. This can give a couple extra years of life to your home’s current paint job. However, to many painters, it makes more sense to get the repaint of the whole home or office done in one swoop. It can also be difficult to tell whether there is just damage in your home’s trim versus the rest of the siding. It is possible that some degradation in the siding’s paint will go unnoticed and cause more damage if you decide just your trim.

As you can see, painting is one of the most important things you can do to protect your home’s or office’s exterior from moisture and dry rot. If you have even a sliver of doubt about the life of your home’s current paint job, you should in all likelihood repaint. However, if you still aren’t sure if your home needs to repainted after reading these tips, you can always call us at Whit’s Painting, Inc.!  We are trustworthy and professional painters, we can help you decide whether a full repaint is in you and your home’s or office’s best interests. Give us a call at 925-429-2669 or fill out our Free Estimate Form and one of trained painting professionals will be in touch promptly to set up your free estimate.

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